Thursday, 19 July 2007

Press coverage on Parliamentary sittings

There's been some press coverage involving me on this week's Parliamentary sittings. I'll be posting the full texts of the various questions I asked and responses received, as well as my comments, but for now these links will have to do. For ST, there was an article that is not free online (about the possibility of introducing the offence of sexual grooming here) so no links are available for that.

More EDB audits

Stat boards will be audited much more frequently, says PM

The foreign-local equation

Singaporeans 'get priority' in varsity entry


Kaffein said...

I find it hard to stomach the figures the newspapers had published. Have to agree with most of the online bloggers.

And I do 'dig' the bloggers - they have a sharp eye on the discrepancies. That much credit I give it to them.

Take a read here:

There are more though. So I'm just waiting if MOE wishes to 'clarify'. More like correct.


Siew Kum Hong said...

To kaffein: I guess the truth did out...

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