Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Fridae coverage on THAT forum

Here is Fridae's report on the forum on Sunday. There was also a Talkback segment this morning on 938Live about the decriminalisation of homosexuality, where I gave a quote, but the podcast hasn't gone up yet.


wiz said...

as i read your blog, it seems that the civil freedom you are arguing is more toward freedom for sex. This law 377A is an ancient law, not just for the gay, it is for the entire human race.
Whether homosexual, heterosexual, - it begins with a man's desire to covet, in his desire, he is enticed and lust has conceived which brings forth sin, and sin when it is finished, bring forth death. Nobody knows when they live or die at certain age. You say you still have 40/50 years to go, but can you foretell when you may get HIV/AIDs or other diseases or even malaria - all of us don't know when we going to meet our Maker. In the first instance repealing act 377 is wrong, and to repeal act 377a - it even more wrong. Read at my comments in the reach feedback.
Your job as an NMP is to champion the poor, the widow, the homeless and more. Not so much of civil right. Can i say even the murderer, the thief, the gamblers also have their right - where does it ends or even begins. Let me take you to the begining of mankind - if you are God fearing person - it begins when the lust of the eyes of Eve and Adam in the garden of Eden.
From Asia Michael

Anonymous said...

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