Sunday, 4 August 2013

An unexpected email 6 years later

I received this email a few days ago from someone I don't know -- let's call her Kit. The letter is self-explanatory. I'm glad that Kit now feels better about herself, and is able to be who she is. The timing is also coincidental, given the new "Come Out Come Home" campaign launched by Sayoni -- I don't know if Kit has really come out, but coming out is about being comfortable with oneself, and certainly Kit seems to be a lot more comfortable now compared to before.

Dear Mr Siew, 

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your service and bravery regarding the repeal of 377A in 2007 and for the speech made in the parliamentary debate. 

This letter of thanks might rather late as 6 years has passed.

In 2007 I was a young and naive 14 year old girl. 

As a teenager I desperately wanted to fit in, I just wanted to be normal or at least appear to be normal. 

I tried very hard not to be gay because I was afraid of losing everything and everyone I had. I was convinced that I had to find a way to get rid of that aspect of myself if I were to fit into the society. 

In the next 5 years where I fought against myself, I was never truly happy and neither did I become any less gay. 

This year has been a really good year as I finally found the courage to be who I am.

Life is tough and emotions run high but I try to find simple and small things in life to be grateful for.

I try to look out for small signs from the universe that I am doing the right things and going the right way.

Small things that inspire me to be optimistic and bet on goodness, courage, empathy and chance.

I would usually not touch anything related to 377A with a ten foot pole because politics is generally depressing.

However I listened to the recording yesterday on youtube, tears flowed uncontrollably as I heard the speeches made by those in favour of repealing the law. It healed a small but deep wound that I never knew existed or so conveniently forgotten. 

I guess I just wanted to let you know that what you did out of selflessness 6 years ago will have continued effects for decades to come and the passion you had 6 years ago will continue to inspire. 

Thank you for your continued efforts to improve the Singaporean community. I wish you happiness and good luck in all of your future endeavours. 

A 20 year old Singaporean youth.


Natasha Bissett said...

I just wondered, do you often get recognition for your time as an NMP with these kinds of emails? I just wondered what lasting effects being an NMP has?


Unknown said...

Yes. Thank you! Your brief stint in parliament was inspirational.

Traditionally it's always been hard for the LGBT community here to actively reach out and lend support to LGBT youths without risk of coming across as being predatory or of being accused of "recruitment". I'm grateful for Singaporeans like you.

Happy national day.

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