Sunday, 1 May 2011

GE2011: what I'm getting up to

Some of you may know that I am part of two gazetted political associations, namely local socio-political community blog The Online Citizen and MARUAH, a registered human rights NGO in Singapore.

For the elections, I have been live-blogging for TOC at the rallies that I'm attending -- so far I've been at WP's Hougang rally on 28 April (phone network died so not much live-blogging there), NSP's rally at Delta Hockey Field on 29 April, and SPP at Potong Pasir tonight. To follow my live-blogging, go to my Twitter profile or follow #TOClive on Twitter.

As fun and exciting as live-blogging is (and it is), it's what I'm doing with MARUAH that's potentially more far-reaching and important. MARUAH are conducting an election watch project. Given the lack of access in Singapore (Elections Dept has so far not responded to our request for access to polling and counting stations) and our lack of resources (thanks PMO for the gazetting!), we've had to scope the project carefully and limit it to what we know we can do rigorously.

MARUAH will be doing monitoring how the Straits Times, TODAY and The New Paper cover the GE for the duration of the campaign. The results from the first 3 days are up, please check them out!


Sentri said...

why not include TOC and Temasek Review for comparison purposes?

Kuniyo said...
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May Rulers of the World Be Righteous said...

I sent 2 email messages to Maruah but no response. I suggested that Maruah should also monitor the media corp TV coverage of the GE campaign because I found it so lopsided in favour of the PAP.

leslie tan ng said...

Sir, what about this complaint that the elections dept is not investigating a possible criminal infringement of the cooling off day? So far it has been difficult to get any more info? Is this something that harks back to the good old days of 1set of rules for me and anothe for you?

Is there a legit reason why the main stream media has simply brushed aside this issue?

Would you be able to enlighten us?