Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MOE Reply to Recent Comments and Claims About AWARE’s Sexuality Education Programme in Schools

Hot off the press, from MOE. Please do circulate this far and wide. Most importantly, please circulate not just to those who already support the original members, but those who have expressed concern about the unsubstantiated allegations of the new exco and TSM. This needs to go outside of fellow travellers, to reach those who have a misunderstanding of what AWARE has been doing but are still willing to listen to reason.

Reply to Recent Comments and Claims About AWARE’s Sexuality Education Programme in Schools

1 We refer to recent claims and comments about AWARE’s sexuality education programme in schools.

2 Sexuality education conducted in MOE schools is premised on the importance of the family and respect for the values and beliefs of the different ethnic and religious communities on sexuality issues. The aim is to help students make responsible values-based choices on matters involving sexuality.

3 Core programmes are delivered by teachers but schools do collaborate with other agencies in delivering additional modules. However, in doing so, schools must ensure that any programmes run by external agencies are secular and sensitive to the multi-religious make-up of our society. Parents can choose to opt their children out of these programmes.

4 Last year, 11 secondary schools engaged AWARE to run workshops for their students. The number of students involved in each school ranged from about 20 to 100, and each workshop lasted 3 hours. The objectives of these workshops were to provide students with accurate information on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)/HIV, to help students understand the consequences of premarital sexual activity, and to equip students with skills such as decision-making and resisting negative peer pressure.

5 AWARE also conducted assembly talks, typically of 45-minute duration, for students in a few secondary schools. Some of the areas covered in the talks included body image, self-esteem, eating disorders, teenage pregnancies, sexual harassment and the role of women in today’s context.

6 The schools that engaged AWARE found that the content and messages of the sessions conducted were appropriate for their students and adhered to guidelines to respect the values of different religious groups. The schools did not receive any negative feedback from students or parents who attended the workshops and talks.

7 In particular, MOE has also not received any complaint from parents or Dr Thio Su Mien, who was reported to have made specific claims about sexuality education in our schools. MOE has contacted Dr Thio Su Mien to seek clarifications and facts to substantiate her claims.

8 If parents and members of the public know of specific instances where guidelines have not been adhered to, they should report them directly to MOE to investigate. MOE recognises that sexuality education is sensitive. In conducting these programmes, the views of parents will be respected and values taught should not deviate from the social norms accepted by mainstream society in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr Siew

For bringing this to the attention of Singaporeans. I am tired of all the unsubstantiated accusations being thrown around by one party in this dispute and am very glad that MOE has seen fit to state the facts that will allow reasonable people to decide for themselves which side is the more honorable

Huang Renxing

Anonymous said...

Hi Kum Hong,

You may like to know that COOS is mobilizing church members to attend the Transformation Conference on 2 May at the EXPO:


How many COOS members have signed up as new Aware members attending the EGM?

Please check if there is a provision under the Societies Act Cap 311 for the government to intervene in this matter.

Steven said...

This is outdated. Please update and publish the latest statement from http://www.moe.gov.sg/media/press/2009/05/moes-statement-on-sexuality-ed.php. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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