Friday, 30 March 2007

That blog spat: A*Star tells why it wanted to sue student

An article in today's Straits Times (available on Asiaone) on the AcidFlask incident, quoting my blog posting on it.

When the Sunday Times reporter first called on Wednesday, I was really busy with work. So I just referred her to my blog and told her she could quote anything she wanted from it, and could call me again if she needed anything else.

I was quite amused when she called again yesterday. She said she had gone through their internal database, and she just wanted to clarify with me how to describe me, because I have -- over the years, when being quoted in my professional capacity -- been described as both a "technology lawyer" and an "intellectual property lawyer". I told her "technology lawyer", and that's what she did.

The fact is, I'm both. And in today's digital world, you can't really be one and not the other. Well, you can, and I know plenty of lawyers who are, even if they claim otherwise. But I think that prevents them from being complete lawyers in either field, and that would stand in the way of giving comprehensive advice in many circumstances.

Anyway. Just a minor aside at the start of what will hopefully be a civilised day ("civilised" to me meaning no unreasonable demands!), despite it being the effective last day of the financial year. I've closed or am near to closing all of my deals, so I'm hoping to take it a little easier today.