Monday, 5 February 2007

Being recognised

On Saturday, I was recognised by someone I didn't personally know for the first time. Then again, I think it shouldn't count, because it was a Straits Times journalist, Zakir Hussain.

I was at the Workers' Party forum on the Penal Code amendments, just standing in the corner minding my own business. I saw the journalists leaving -- they were fairly obvious, being the ones who surrounded Sylvia Lim immediately after the forum ended. I didn't know any of them.

Then one of them glanced in my direction, and I knew he'd recognised me because he turned back and went up to me. I didn't want to give a quote initially, since I was there in my personal capacity (that was something I specifically asked Zakir to state, but was eventually omitted).

But since he was jotting down my comments about being there in my personal capacity, I figured that he was going to say something anyway, so I just said that there should be more forums about such issues, open to the public. And I do think there should be.

It felt a bit odd. Hopefully, only journalists will recognise me. I actually think that'd be the case -- after all, it's not like I'd be able to recognise all of the MPs if I met them on the street.

For the record, I would rather not be recognised by anyone at all.

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